Thursday, October 04, 2012

Art Party!

As you saw from Mommy's last post, I'm six.

Six, and still blogging in that same voice as when I was days old. Is that weird?


But, I press on.

My sixth party was a success despite the fact I was a bit overwhelmed and medicated on cough/cold medicine. Though I didn't tell Mommy, I was a little tired. But when presents, cake, and art projects are involved I must endure. I had to endure.

What didn't endure were all my pictures. It seems Mommy lost the majority of my party pictures when she took the SD card out of the computer. So, along with my first birthday pictures, my sixth birthday pictures are sparse.

Thankfully, we did manage to salvage some.

Per my request, Mommy made me an art palet cake. Later on, I added sprinkles to pizazz it up. I think we lost those pictures.

When my friends arrived we decorated art aprons in preparation for our painting project...fall trees with button leaves (hence the random picture of the buttons). We lost the actual pictures of the final art project. Go figure. Since my party was also the first day of fall, we thought painting fall trees on canvases would be perfect.

And, after our painting extravaganza we proceeded to eat my yummy cake and then, on to presents. We managed to save one picture of me opening my new My Little Ponies, a favorite around this house these days.

And that's my party in a nutshell. It was fun and I'm already planning my seventh birthday party. I just wish they came more often than every year!


Mary said...

It was a great party! You do such an awesome job! Got Hannah's thank you card sweet! :)