Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Kate and Molly

 As all the world has heard, like the infamous "shots heard around the world," we have a dog.

Her name is Molly.
And being the youngest, I've got to fight for my special one-on-one time with her.
The time to snag her is right after her puppy high when she's too tired to wiggle away and when Hannah is distracted for the moment.
And when I get her, I have to make the most of my time with her.
So, like a football player trying to make a run, I grab her and go.
It doesn't matter where I go, I've just got to go because I know my window of time is short before she gets intercepted by the opposing team: Hannah, Grant, even Mommy or Daddy.


Molly is always up for the adventure. 

Sometimes, we luck out and find we don't have to run anymore. That's good because all that running tires me out. Apparently it does the same to Molly.
Sometimes, I eat my lunch so fast so I can get to Molly first. I sneak past Mommy so fast so she doesn't take the time to wipe my face.

I think Molly appreciates my tenacity.

we little guys have to stick together. I'm certain she's so thankful to have me watch after her.
After all, I am her mommy. 


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