Friday, November 04, 2011

Five Minute Friday: Remember

Would I remember this....

if I didn't have a photo or a blog to pin it up as though it were a bulletin board?

Because today, she's now this...

4 and half years have passed. And with each passing year I find things hard to remember.
As I watch Kate waddling across the room I can't help but try to picture Grant doing the same at that age, and yet, I can't.

Funny how memories fade. Fade too quickly. They move so fast that I can only see them as a fog slowly lifting away.

And so, I have this blog. Yes, an outlet to write and to share but more importantly it is my place to remember. Because all too quickly that moment I swear I'll remember soon becomes muddled in that fog of memories that occupy my mind in a dreamlike way.

So, I fight to remember with each picture I post and with each word I pen.


Bethany said...

Shoot... I need to start a blog! :)

Kim said...

I am the blogger who posted behind you at Five Minute Friday.

Oh, does your post ring true with me - -I've been here 24/7 with all of my kids and there is so much I cannot remember. HOW does that happen??!!

Thanks for sharing today!! It was lovely!

Annie said...

I think about this all the time, too. It seems impossible to forget, but we do. It's crazy! I've started a one subject notebook for each daughter, where I write letters to our girls, telling them about the mundane details of their little lives, and my thoughts about them and mothering. Even if I only remember to do it once a year, it's something they'll have.

Mary said...

So true! That's precisely why I wish I did better with getting to posting on my blog. Well said!! Love that the picture is in the same swing, really cool.

Nani said...

I blog and scrapbook so I never forget too!