Wednesday, November 07, 2012

When the Sibs are Away...

When the sibs are away
I get to play.
Where I become master of Mommy's blender.
And my pantless bottoms don't offend her.

There's not a need to wait in line.
This baby is all mine.
No one to tell me, "My turn,"
It's my five mintues to watch it churn.

And no need to pull on Mommy's leg
to plead and cry and beg
to get the best chocolate covered beater
Nope, today I don't need her.
Because I am first in line
And so I withold my whine.
I get it right away.
Yes, this is a beautiful day.

For me, I can't complain when Hannah and Grant are gone...
It's time to live it up...because I know it won't last long.


Learning as we Live said...

She is sooo cute! and are sooo creative!

Mary said...

So cute, I love it!