Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Your Head Don't Fit

Like I've said before, I like to keep Mommy on her toes.
We don't need her dulling with age.
What better way to do that than by requesting original lullabies?
We've moved beyond "Your are my Sunshine" and "I Love You Lord," and have moved to more challenging songs like: "Grandma's Fence," "Papa's Girl," "Eyebrows," "Molly's Doll," "My Doll," "Valarie's Doll," "Hannah's Doll," "Ladybug's Wings," and "House with Bird," just to name a few.
Haven't heard of these? You aren't alone. Mommy is required to create these tunes on the spot.
She's like Mozart.
Dr. Seuss.
Or Wayne from "Whose Line is it Anyways."
Well, tonight was no different.
You see, I have a doll I don't care for. Simply put, she's got a gimpy toe.
Thanks to Molly.
And in an attempt to alienate her from my crib, her head got stuck.
Good enough, I thought.
"Her head don't fit," as I told Mommy.
"She can't get in."
Which was my goal. Keep her out.
And what better way to celebrate that accomplishment than with a song?
And thus, a new song was born entitled, "That Head Don't Fit,"  which I threw out to Mommy, who creatively orchestrated some words.
A new lullaby song that highlights my gimpy toed baby doll who has been exiled from the crib of love.
If you're interested in the MP3, we'll be working on that.