Saturday, April 13, 2013

Mommy's Moment: Living on the Edge

I celebrated another year this week. And how does a 32 year old get wild and crazy on her birthday? By buying electric green running shoes. Want to know what's crazier (and even more wild)? Not only are they ELECTRIC GREEN, but they are also minimalist running shoes...meaning, well, there ain't much to them. It's close to running, well, barefoot. It's such a change of pace for my running...the past twenty years have been dedicated to finding the most cushion-y shoes possible with the most amount of support.

But when you hit 32, life gets a little crazy...

Just like these shoes that while promising so much, are also the only shoes I've bought that come with a warning:

"may cause damage to your calf, achilles, or...." well I can't remember the other body part that could possibly explode upon lacing.

But I decided to take a risk.

Because one time, twenty five years ago, I didn't take a risk. And, I still think about it.

You see, I was a little behind on my math skills. Mom blames it on the Alabama education, inferior to the previous North Carolina education we were receiving. We were being groomed to become Tar Heels (which none of us ever were).

So, what does any concerned mom do? Call Sylvan Learning Center. Yes, I did go to Sylvan Learning Center.

I don't remember much, except receiving blue tokens for something (getting math answers right, smiling, showing up, I don't know).

Upon receiving so many, I was then allowed to go to the wall of glory. It was delightful. A wall of toys begging to be taken home. And one specific toy caught my eye. It was a Muppet Show art set (or something along those lines). I wanted it. I had enough coins for it.

But, I hesitated.

Was it a wise investment? Already my over-analytical nature was taunting me. Would Mom think it was a good decision? Already my people-pleasing nature was rearing its ugly head (and just for the record, Mom could have cared less if I brought that home).

Then, I saw owl glue. Glue. It's practical. I can use it while also enjoying its creative packaging. It's not like I could pick it up at the local store. 

Owl glue? Muppet art set? Owl glue? Muppet art set?

Against my better judgement (I believe today) I bought...

The owl glue.

I neglected the risk of the Muppet the safer (so I thought) owl glue.

And while the owl glue did an awesome job at...gluing, I always pictured the Muppet set hanging on the wall, sad to have been left behind.

And, twenty five years later, I still regret not living on the edge and exchanging my hard earned tokens for the Muppet set.

And so, at thirty two, I have decided to live on the edge. To forego those "safe(actually, literally)" running shoes and take a risk with my new, electric green, minimalist running shoes.

And if you see me limping, well, you'll know why. Either I have a bum calf or my achilles is destroyed.

But hey,

Here's to living running on the edge!