Sunday, June 16, 2013


 We've all seen it.
The trouble.
The trouble that my two year old sister continually finds herself in.
We'll blame it on her age.
And the fact she's the third.
And the fact her eyes are as wide as saucers and her smile as sweet as honey.
It's a sure ticket out of trouble it seems.
But sometimes, she needs more than her wide eyed "innocence."
She needs some positive influence.
That's where I step in.
Being the oldest, I'm more equipped for this role. And so, I gladly use my strengths to lead my little sis in the right direction.

So, I like to pour my life into her, especially when it comes to style. I can put together a great looking outfit. And then accessorize it with a nice basket and one-of-a-kind hairpiece.

I think it's important to also model the right way to care for her dolls.
And so, I showed her how to brush her baby's hair. However, the fact her baby is balding at a rapid pace, we may need to revisit this. But it's the heart that counts.I was proud to see her caring for her in such a passionate way even if she was ripping the hair out at an alarming rate. 

And like every girl, Kate loves jewels. So much so that she takes mine without asking. So a quick tutorial on how to care for other people's things seemed appropriate. We both share a love for all things glittery and beautiful, it's how to reign in that passion that we don't share. So, I helped. She was an incredible student who soon will be mature enough to borrow some pieces of mine.

And finally, who doesn't enjoy a romping good time? It's okay to be silly and crazy, just not destructive at the same time. So, being wiser and older with more years under my belt, I try to shepherd Kate along in learning to value a good time without the damage.
And so, I incorporate crazy fashion shows to demonstrate just that. I'm proud of our fashion combinations and think maybe we have something going for us, like fashion design and modeling, as long as it involves heavy winter coats and duck Mommy and Daddy say.
And so, if you haven't heard from me in awhile, this is why. I've been knee deep in influencing my little sis. It's important to be a good steward of the wisdom I've been given.