Thursday, August 12, 2010

Mommy's Moment: Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a funny thing. After stepping out the back door to throw the trash away and almost falling on my face thanks to my finicky sciatic nerve, I had to laugh. My body feels as if it was years, and I mean A LOT of years older. I generally now take three pills a day: iron, prenatal vitamins, and Zantac. Again, not typical in my daily non pregnancy routine. My hamstrings feel as though I've run a marathon every day. I constantly tell my kids, "I just need to sit down." Then when I get up, I almost fall down again thanks to my sciatic nerve. And then, there's this odd sternum pain. Yes, sternum pain. It visits me occassionally in the middle of the night. It's as if someone has sat on my chest. It feels bruised. I felt a bit odd calling the nurse to make sure this wasn't a big deal. I didn't want to sound like a hypochodriac. I'm sure I did. But, what the heck? Sternum pain? Perhaps it's related to acid new companion who never leaves my side. Perhaps it's due to that sinus infection/ear infection I had a month ago...again infections I usually get only when pregnant. It's a mystery. Then my left side of my back always hurts. Yes. No stretching or massaging helps much. It just remains a constant nag. Restless leg's real. . .despite John's severe skepticism. While resting on the couch I can't help but feel the intense need to shake my legs...yes shake them all about... finally, only to give in to standing up...which, as you know, presents the sciatic nerve problem that almost catapults me back down. And the funny stomach isn't even that big. Yet the pain is real. And then my iron is low. I was waiting for the iron supplement to boost my energy high. To feel almost super human like, being able to move through the day at super human speed while accomplishing all my tasks at hand. Still waiting. The house is still in disarray. And to top it off, the past few days I've even felt contractions. Something I never felt with the others until close to D day. I just have to laugh. I know every pregnant woman goes through this. It's just...crazy. But well worth it. I am so thankful to go through each of these pains with the anticipation of the arrival of a new life. It's just crazy what we're willing to go through to get that little baby. So, about ten weeks to go til we meet our little bundle. Hopefully this body will make it. . .even if it does require a cane.

And for a brief pregnancy update that doesn't include all my ailments...I'm now measuring small. Yes, small. Good news, yes. However, I was informed if I'm still measuring small next visit then they'll do an ultrasound. GOOD GRIEF. An ultrasound if I'm big, an ultrasound if I'm small. . .come on! I'm sure baby is fine. I feel him/her (really thinking her) move all the time. But I'm thankful for them to check just in case. Apparently low amniotic fluid can be the cause in measuring small, however, I don't think that's the case here. This pregnancy has been a bit of a rollercoaster. I hope if this IS a girl...she's not a drama queen!

And, for your viewing pleasure, me at almost 30 weeks.


Jess said...

Love the pics!!! And I believe you...restless leg syndrome is real!!!! Hang in there Mama. You get points from me for doing all this while taking care of two kiddos!

Learning as we Live said...

your pregnancy has flown by...for me at least! I can't wait to find out what you're having!

Trista said...

This was such a great post! I laughed so hard and then had to read it to Jeremy....he didn't laugh as hard-MEN-they just don't get it!
Hang in there and keep laughing!

Mary said...

LOVED this post!! It's all so true! And the's so weird but I had trouble with RLS my last two pregnacies, and some while nursing, but never any other time! So weird! When your pregnant I guess we just pretty much have to just roll with every weird thing that comes our way. Hang in there friend!!

Bethany said...

Oh, wow! At least all those things are just temporary, right? Plus, you'll have a sweet baby for your efforts. :) Crazy that you're measuring small this time! Hang in there!