Monday, October 29, 2007

A Girl and Her Shoes

I love shoes. In fact, I don't like it when mommy takes them off. Especially, these pink kicks I'm borrowing from Allie. Aren't they somethin'? I got to wear them to church yesterday. They're a little big, but I don't mind. I think I look pretty cool in them! Now that I'm getting closer to standing and walking I'm gonna need some new shoes to move around in. I can't wait!

My New Trick!

Hey, check out what I can do now. I can push off and stand up! I love to do it. Especially on this package of toilet paper. CJ and I have a ton of fun playing with this! I'm showing off my new trick to CJ here. But he doesn't seem too impressed. I suppose it's because he's way beyond this. He's already walking and has been for awhile. Oh well. I still think it's pretty amazing I can do this. Before long I'll be dancing a jig all by myself!

Goofin' Off!

Mommy took me for another ride in the laundry basket the other day! It was so much fun! It was almost like riding my wheely bug! I just giggled and giggled. Who knew a laundry basket could give me such a thrill! I wish I could push mommy in it but she's just too big! I guess that means more rides for me!

Monday, October 22, 2007

My New Green Overalls

Check out my new "rags." That's my slang for clothes these days! Grandma came last week to visit and brought these along! Do I look stylin' or what? The hat is the finishing touch although I love it so much that it's hard to keep it on my head. I think this would make a great gardening outfit don't you? Grandmama also came to see me last week and brought me a new outfit too. I'll have to model that for you as well as soon as this cool weather finally comes and decides to stay! I sure do love my grandmas! Oh yeah, Emmett wasn't too impressed. He was a little jealous of all the attention I received and wondered why he didn't get any surprises. In the second picture I'm trying to console him. I told him I would make a case for him. So if anyone is feeling sympathy for my little dog, feel free to bring him a special gift.

My Own Rocking Chair!

When Grandma came up to stay with me the other day she brought me this great rocking chair! It's kinda like the one in my room but it's too big for me. That rocking chair is more for mommy and daddy when they sit and read with me. But this one is made specially for me! Grandma said it used to be mommy's when she was little. Now, it's all mine! And I just love it! I can even make it go back and forth on my own while I sit in it! I feel like such a big girl! Thanks Grandma for such a great surprise!

At the Playground

Here we are at the playground. Mommy took me and CJ up there last week and Ellie and Mrs. Kim met us up there too! Here we are right before it's time to go. You can see CJ already buckled in for the walk back. Mommy and Mrs. Kim wanted to get a quick snap shot of us on the swings together. This was the best mommy could do at the time. Ellie and I are just chatting about how funny our mommies are about taking so many pictures of us!

Just a Swingin'

Here I am at the playground just a swingin'. It was so invigorating! As mommy pushed me, the wind whipped through my wild locks. I just love that feeling! I can't wait until we go again! I hope a swing is open for me!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

I'm Not So Sure About This

So good friends of our's are letting us borrow their double stroller. Mommy was super excited but I just couldn't share in her excitement just yet. I mean this thing is BIG. And there are TWO seats. I wasn't so sure about this here stroller. But eventually I changed my mind, just keep reading to see.

CJ's Encouraging "Words"

I think CJ noticed I was a little nervous about this new adventure and so he decided to share a few inspiring words. It was weird to see someone sitting right next to me. I'm just not used to that. But CJ is a good friend who knows the right thing to say at the right time. That's just what I needed at this moment. Thanks CJ!

CJ By My Side

Once CJ cheered me up I started to feel better. I'm happy CJ is sitting next to me. He'll be good company for the ride. Here I'm trying to show him where his nose is. I just figured that out for myself and thought I would help CJ learn too.

Okay, This May Not Be So Bad

Well, after I got a feel for it I realized, this may not be so bad. I've got my buddy CJ to my left, the open road in front, and trusty mommy behind...oh and I can't forget Emmett who walks with us too. This is gonna be great!

Thanks Aunt Ash!

Hey Aunt Ash! I love my book. I look at it every day! I'm not kidding! I love to pull the flaps. Oh and guess what else? I know what a bird is now. When mommy asks me to point to the bird in the book, I can point him right out. I even can sorta say's more like "bur" but hey, you gotta give a girl credit for tryin' right? Just thought I'd show you how much I love it. And my buddies, Mac and CJ really enjoy it too!

My Cute Little Outfit

Mommy picked this outfit out for me not so long ago with some birthday money my great grandmamma gave me. She really likes it. I mean, I like it to, it's great and all...but mom, well, she really really likes it. So she made me take a few pictures in it. Here's just one. We won't bore you with several of what looks to most to be the same shot (to mom they're not though). Maybe you'll just love it too!

Eating at the Big People Table

Mommy and Daddy are big people. That's why they sit at the big table to eat. I'm not so big and usually eat at my little table. But guess what mommy let me do the other day? She let me eat my snack on the big table and, while the reason wasn't because I'm big enough yet (she just hadn't washed my tray), I was still honored to eat off the same table she and daddy eat off of. Don't I look mature?

How Do I Look?

I must do a lot of moving around with my head when I sleep because these days when mommy comes to get me from my naps, she laughs at my hair! The other day she thought it was so funny that she took a picture...well several! Here are just a couple. She says I've got her crazy hair. If I had a camera and knew how to use it, I could take funny pictures of mommy's hair when she comes to get me up in the morning. Talk about crazy! So, everyone, here's my crazy hair. If you haven't had a good laugh today, here's your my expense.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Hayden's Birthday Party

Well, we've been a little slow lately with the posts. We apologize. Hopefully we can get some more on here soon. Until then, check these out from my buddy Hayden's birthday party. It was a blast! Her grandpa took these pictures of me, Hayden, and Hayden's other friend (sorry I'm not sure I know her name). The party was great. Hayden got a lot of neat toys and had beautiful birthday cakes made by her mommy! Thanks Hayden for inviting me. I really had a super time!