Friday, May 09, 2008

The Great Allah and Manamena

There's my frog...sorry for the disgruntled face...I was deep in thought.
I'm pointing to Maggie over there.
Well, today my aunt Ashley...whom I call Allah (which causes Mommy to laugh so...don't know why) and Maggie...aka Manamena...came to say hello. And not only that...they came bearing gifts. You'll see my fashionable backpack in pictures below. And a nice lady Ashley works with gave me a big frog that says ribbit!! Boy was this a treat! I was thrilled to be reunited with Maggie after a long period of seperation. In honor of our loving relationship, we have posted several snap shots of me and Maggie enjoying our reunion together. I can't wait to see Maggie again soon. She's such a special friend...and Allah, you're not so bad yourself!!