Sunday, May 04, 2008

A Real New "Do"

Well, we decided to keep on with the hair postings since that has seemed to be the theme the last several posts! Mommy thought my hair was looking a little scraggily (is that a word?) so she took the liberty to give me a little trim. These were the best pictures she could get with my new "do." It's hard these days to convince me to stop and pose. There's just so much to explore. But I must agree with Mommy, I think the cut makes my hair look much fuller with a little bit of bounce to it. Hopefully it will grow out evenly now and I can soon pose on a hair commercial like Pantene or maybe pose for a kid's shampoo. In fact, I may contact Johnson and Johnson and see what they think. I'm sure they'll be impressed with my shiny, bouncy hair.


Groovers said...

cute hair cut! love all the new pics. keep us posted on your labor, how exciting!!! :)