Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Egg Hunt: Part 1

The day had finally arrived. The neighborhood egg hunt. Last year I was too little to participate. Not so this year. It was a rather cool day. Yet coolness didn't deter my enthusiasm. What's a little cold, windy air when you get a free hot dog, Capri Sun, chips, candy, and most importantly an egg hunt, all while listening to loud, funky music? Weather, you can't stop this machine. And for the first part of our egg hunt experience, nothing did. Hannah and Ellie were posing for their many pictures while I, I, was visualizing my game plan to gather the eggs (hence why I'm not in those photo ops). It wasn't long until they called my age group. Mommy and I were ready. My heart was pounding. On the, "ready, set, go," we were off. I was like a gazelle weaving my way through the crowd of unsuspecting egg hunters. I gathered as quickly as I could while Mommy directed me. We made a good team that day. Then, it seemed,within a blink of an eye, the hunt was over. Disappointed? Just a tad...I wanted more time. I needed more time. My nerves didn't get the chance to fully unwind and allow me to perform at my top level. But, as an egg hunt rookie, I gathered 5 eggs, none being the golden egg, but hey, like I said, I was a rookie this year. So, overall, I was pleased with my performance and the experience. But,unfortunately, I can't same the same for Hannah. Here's where our story takes a turn for the worse. And to tell this next part of the story I must pass the baton to none other than my big sis...stay tuned.