Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Egg Hunt: Part Two

Well, like Grant said, my story didn't go quite as smoothly as his. You see, shortly after Grant finished his hunt they called my age group to our place of hunting. Quickly, we all hurried to the 3-5 year old spot. But as soon as we got there, the kids had already begun hunting. There was no, "on your mark, get set, go," like Grant's. There was no polite waiting for those who had a farther distance to travel. Nope. It was a free for all or survival of the fittest. And, you know me, I may be spry, but let's face it, when it comes to a race for something as coveted as eggs, well, I'm just not going to win. And win I didn't. I spotted one egg left and I was hurrying toward it only to be outwon by a quicker, larger boy. And then I lost it. I turned to look at Mommy and tears plummeted down my eyes. My basket was empty. My heart was broken. My Mommy was furious. But, it gets worse (well, not so much for me but moreso for Mommy). Soon, a glimmer of hope arose. An unexplored egg spot was teeming full of brightly colored plastic eggs. We overheard two ladies ask if it could be hunted by a little girl (we assume one of their daughters) who apparently also missed out on some of the eggs. (but, between you and me...and Mommy, the little girl was a lot larger than 3-5 years old). They were told to go for it. So, what did we do? Mommy quickly grabbed my arm to let me join in the mini egg hunt. I was thrilled...except for the part where the two older (older than Mommy) women grabbed MOST of the eggs in front of me. Yes, their shirts were overflowing with eggs they had stuffed in them. I couldn't keep up with these ravenous women. And Mommy, well she could...so much so that she finally asked them to leave some for me, who had gotten none in the last hunt. Their response, nothing really. They did leave one here and there but continued to stuff their shirts full of eggs along with that strangely large and mature 3-5 year old girl. I think that was the first time I saw the Mama Bear come out of Mommy. I did leave with 5 eggs. Nothing compared to their oh, forty something. But for a three year old, five eggs are amazing. Now the eggs you see in the pictures here...well those are the eggs I proudly collected AFTER kids pulled out their candy and left them on the ground. So, that's my story. We'll just say we're already training for next year's probably not well planned neighborhood egg hunt. And I'm bringing my knee pads.