Friday, April 02, 2010

Puddle Jumping

Last you saw me in the rain, I was a bit hesitant. All that has changed. I am officially an experienced puddle jumper. And I owe this prestigious title to the GREAT PUDDLE. It's the puddle that surpasses all puddles. It measures 4 sidewalk squares long. It's depth, well, it's deep. The splash each jump creates can extend extremely far. For any small creature, it would cause a deep fear to stir in them just as a tidal wave may evoke a similar fear into our own hearts. Yes folks, it's that big. Only experience puddle jumpers who have the right puddle jumping wear should attempt such a feat. By puddle jumping wear, I'm referring to a durable, water resistant raincoat and some serious rain boots. I prefer my pink ones. As you can see, Grant is a novice. Why, might you ask? Well, notice, he has no raincoat. His hat (Go GSU!), well, at least he has a hat but his head will easily become soaked because it's not water resistant. The boots, well, he lucked out that I have TWO pair of rainboots aka puddle jumpers. Thankfully Grandmama found him some manly rainboots...bugs on 'em. Next rain day he'll at least have those. With time I'm sure he'll earn his raincoat with a water resistant hood. And by then, he'll have studied under me long enough in puddle jumpenomics that he will be able to hold his own as a puddle jumper. Experience takes time and dedication, something I've invested in and soon, he will have too.


The Noonan's said...

Who knew some boots and rain coat to bring so much fun!