Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Papa Time

What can we say, we love our Papa (and all our lovely grandparents for that matter). A few weeks ago we headed to Birmingham to celebrate Allie's fifth birthday. Since then, I've been preparing for my own birthday. I've made it a point to be very clear to Mommy what all I would like for my birthday. The list is long. But I digress. Back to Papa. To Grant, Papa is a movie star. Yes, a movie star. When he awakes at Grandma's and Papa's the first word out of his mouth is, "Papa." He repeats this word several times a day. Papa makes us laugh. He calls me a "goobert." Apparently I say it wrong but they all go with it. He talks like Donald Duck. And he does a great job at playing the "Bad Guy" while I claim the title "Princess." Papa, we love you!