Monday, February 06, 2012

A Video For You

In welcoming back the video medium to The Harman Hood, I'd like to give you a taste of what dinner time usually looks like.

Each dinner usually involves tears, often from Grant who apparently has an extremely difficult time swallowing any food that is not a fruit snack, cookie, pb and j, or french fry, or chip, or cracker, or chicken nugget, or cake... 

The first part is not for the faint of heart as you can see first hand his glob of chicken pot pie that is his newest victim. Grant is known to chew on food for 30 minutes at least before it makes its way down the hatch.

Other notes:

Excuse Hannah's talk of boogers.

Excuse Hannah's misuse of her middle finger.

This meal marks Kate's first time eating on her own due to me being consumed with videoing Grant. She manages to grab the bowl and finish off the meal without my help.

Yes, John does go to play Mario Brothers. Who can blame him? It's nice to escape from dinner's reality even if it is to play Mario Brothers.

So, I leave you with reality. Be thankful it's only 2 and 1/2 minutes of your life and not 1 1/2 hours of your life every night.


LB said...

oh my word that made me laugh so hard. quit torturing your children, Jessica, by forcing them to eat such horrible foods. Oh my word, hilarious. (I know not so funny for you).