Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Big Girl You are Beautiful

We'd like to thank Papa, our picture contributor the past two posts. He's got quite an eye for beauty doesn't he?

I'd like to tell the world a little bit more about myself. The days are passing quickly and I'm developing into quite a complex character.

Gone are the days of mindless babble, army crawling, and a taste for all things food.

I'm more mature.

I'm walking with attempts to run in between. In fact, I'm working on jumping with the help of Grant's hand. I need a manly hand to hold onto. So far my feet have yet to leave the floor but surely, with the force of my upward arm thrusts, they will soon catch some air.

I'm a diva. I love hats. I love shoes. Or as I say "juse." I love them so much so I refuse to take them off in my crib when napping. I prefer to not let my bare feet grace the floors without shoes. It seems, however, that there are shoe sizes and some shoes that aren't quite ready for my nimble feet.

I'm a consoler. I find often that Hannah and Grant disobey. And with disobedience comes consequences. With consequences comes tears. Sometimes lots. I find that I can best be used by consoling the heart broken by laying my head on their shoulders while gently patting their backs. I think they appreciate it.

I'm a hitter. To me it's just good fun, but those tears I was talking about, well they come out also when I whack them on the head with my sippy cup or when I grab a fistful of hair. Hey, I'm just envious of their long locks..okay, of Hannah's long locks. Grant looks like he's ready for the military. I'm just trying to pull hard enough so as to make his a bit longer.

I like to say no. It's helpful. Do you want some broccoli, "no." Okay, bad example, I LOVE broccoli. How about, do you want to go to bed, "no," and I find with a animated shake of the head I can get a few smiles. I have a feeling that won't last for long so I'll play it as long as I can. Or if someone tries to take something from me I can say, "no" and it's supposed to help alleviate the situation. I can honestly say, it doesn't always work.

Mommy thinks I'm a dare devil. I will reassure you all, I am. I like to swing fast, which happens from time to time when Hannah is with me. I like to ride the new jeep. I like to slide down the stairs on my tummy, just like Hannah and Grant. It works best when you are properly attired...meaning footie pjs. And I've been known to take some nose dives in the bathtub only to reemmerge with a beaming grin from ear to ear. The pool is going to be AWESOME this summer.

And while I can write on and on, I'm tiring of this and am ready to go seek some adventure somewhere else.

So if you see me, be aware, I'm not that little baby anymore. Nope, I'm a big girl. And I'll make sure you know it!