Friday, March 23, 2012

Homeschool Diaries: Taking it on the Road

Last weekend, along with three friends, I attended my first ever homeschool conference.

Uncertain of what those few days would bring, I left curious and a bit skeptical.

Every group has its stereotypes and the homeschool group is not exempt from those.

Enter your stereotypes here...

And upon entering the huge church that hosted the event, some stereotypes were confirmed but in reality, the wide array of people simply represented a microcosm of the American culture (after all, I did see a rad dude with tatoos up and down his arm and two earrings).

What was encouraging was that this wide array of people with differing looks and walks of life all were united in their view of education and, more importantly, seeking to impact their family for Christ.

Please note that I am NOT saying you cannot do that outside of the homeschool arena. This is just the arena the Lord has called our family to. And I was encouraged to see other families whose hearts were being challenged in the same way as mine in this specific area.

So, there I sat in seminar after seminar. Overwhelmed, yes. Realize that most of my listening occurs during conversations between a 5 year old and a 3 year old. Our topics of conversation include bodily functions and what the next meal will include. So, imagine leaving that arena and listening to adult speakers speak for 7-8 hours straight on topics such as multigenerational vision, creation and your view's implication of your understanding of God's Word, instilling character into your children through developing habits, and how to organize a typical homeschool day. My world was rocked. But I was encouraged.

I left with a full mind. Lots to chew on. And a strong reminder of the gospel. . .which always provides for a great exhale moment.

The gospel reminds me of God's grace. His willingness to work despite my failures and sin. It brings hope. And it is the message I am called to share with my children each day. They are my main ministry in this short season of life. They are my disciples. It's the epitome of "life on life." And while my life is not always worth emulating, I am thankful for the Lord's grace to work in spite of me.

And so, I press forward, eagerly, as a homeschool mom. I am honored to be able to impact the next generation for Christ by investing in my own kids. My prayer is that as John and I intentionally lay a foundation for our children, the Lord will work mightly to draw them to Himself. And that they in turn, will go and be a light in this dark world, for His glory.

And while most of my days are grueling and hard and very repetitive, these faces remind me that it is well worth it.


Mary said...

So glad to have friends on the same journey...both the literal and metaphorical! You are an amazing mommy!