Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Daddy's Helper

Daddy's been working super hard. It's no surprise, money has been tight. So, being the other man of the house, I want to help Daddy out.

Therefore, I've started in the paper cutting business.

The PAPER TOWEL cutting business.

I don't know why Mommy asks what I'm doing. It seems pretty clear. But I answer,

"making money for the family."

She then asks how I am making money for the family...honestly I'm unsure what that question meant. I mean, I'm cutting paper. But I answer...

"so we can go to special places..."

When I say special places, sure, the beach would be great..but really all I'm thinking is Berry Mangos or Cherry Berry (though I prefer Berry Mangos) and, always, always, Sonic.

Perhaps my paper cutting business will help in these endeavors. Let me know if you need some cut up paper towels.


The Noonan's said...

Sounds like Grant and Lucy are learning about hard work! Maybe I'll need some paper cut soon and you can come and visit and Grant can cut...