Thursday, April 19, 2012

Mommy's Moment: Our Day

Do you ever have a moment in your day where you step back and just "observe?"

And those observations become quite humorous.

Here are some observations I made today about our day:

1) Kate's pink Crocs, or at least one of them, always turn up missing just at that perfect time of trying to get out the door. As a result, Kate's pink Crocs, I most assuredly believe, are a tool the Lord uses to move me along in the sanctification process. And because the search for the missing shoe occurs quite frequently, I think it's safe to say I am not fairing to well in this process.

*the Croc still has not been found.

2) My children are obsessed with Cheetos. Does this surprise anyone who knows me? And, I know, all my healthy, organic friends out there are likely gasping. As we rolled down the chip aisle (which I don't usually do UNLESS Cheetos are B1G1 which is rare) my 18 month old daughter yelled, "EE-TOE!" while pointing to the bag. And she continued to cheer, "EE-TOE" the rest of grocery store trip.

3) Lunch is eaten in waves. Despite all efforts on my part to put the food on the table at once, somehow, lunch gets eaten in shifts. We began with tomatoes I had cut with the anticipation of putting the on their plates at the table. They never made it to the table. Then somehow Cheetos got opened after the Capri Suns were unpacked from the Kate. Today, I chalk it up to our ever slow heating oven that took way to long to reach 425 degrees for the chicken nuggets. Yes, despite the pink slime, chicken nugget scare, we still eat 'um. We're still alive, breathing fine, and staying active. Life on a budget makes the food pickings slim.

4)In a matter of the time it takes for me to shower, the house becomes a bedding outlet. Blankets, pillows, and animals have been thrown up all over in the name of imagination. For the record, it's 3:20 and they're still covering the floor. Anyone need bedding?

5)Returning back to Publix, it is a gurantee that at SOME POINT in the shopping process, Grant will say, "Mommy, I have to go to the bathroom." I push it for as many aisles as I can in hopes he will forget about that urgent feeling in his bladder. Why does it always surprise me it doesn't work? As a result, I have become quite adept at taking three kids into the Publix bathroom mid shopping trip. The highlight for all three kids is the hand sanitizer I squirt on each pair of hands on the way out (hey it's easier than holding a four year old up at the sink) And, might I add, Publix has great smelling bathrooms (we've been to more than one). I love Publix.

6)Remembering the order of who sat where is vital in keeping the peace when riding in the van. Because we only have one booster seat, it has become the hot seat for Hannah and Grant. Therefore, I have to be alert each time we buckle in so as to be a fair referee when that question arises, "Mommy, can I sit in the booster seat?" And that takes me to number seven.

7)Hannah is becoming a master manipulator. Upon loading the van for a SECOND TIME (the first time was interrupted by the arrival on Daddy coming home to show us the turkey he killed) Hannah told Grant after he set his bottom in the coveted booster seat, "Grant, look how fun it is in the back seat." Grant, being easily persuaded then began to rise from the coveted booster seat to partake in that "party of a back seat." I looked in the back. There was no party going on back there. I then informed Grant of Hannah's wiley ways and made it known to Hannah such deception would not work.

And, my kids have now brought a random cat into our house so with that, I must end my post with the observation that, my kids love animals. However, we I am not ready to take on another life to care for.

And, with a moment to breathe, I am reminded that though life is crazy and messy with these three kids, I love them and am thankful for most of the crazy, messy moments I get to share with them.


Courtney said...

loooove this post! there is something so great & hilarious & heart-warming about the "random" day-to-day reflections of being at home with kids. it's always entertaining. you're such a great mom. and you always make me laugh!

Mary said...

Great post! I relate to so many of your thoughts, it's very funny to me! Just the other day I wanted to swing through Wendy's for $1 menu (could not face dinner) and Irene said "What about the pink slime !???" Abbie, being ever practical, said "I can't see it so who cares?!" A girl after my own heart! We too, are alive and kicking. : ) And loving Cheetos.