Friday, October 28, 2011

Mommy's Moment: If You Give Your Son a Blankie

If you give your son a blankie he'll probably become attached to it.

Being attached to it, he'll drag it everywhere he goes. And when he wets the bed, pee will drench it.

Upon smelling the blankie, you'll realize, you need to wash it, desperately.

Recognizing the absence of the blankie, your son will cry. Incessantly.

You'll create a diversion. It will last two minutes.

As your undiverted son stands expectantly by the laundry room door, he'll realize it's going to take longer than he thought.

He'll play with his sister.

Upon playing with his sister, he gets walloped in the head. He cries. He searches for blankie only to realize he's still in the washer.

His screech-like wails permeate the house, reminding you to switch it to the dryer. AND FAST.

30 long minutes later when the dryer finally beeps, you grab the blankie.

With Jackie-Joyner like speed, you race to toss the blankie over the balcony to appease the discouraged son.

As you toss it over the balcony, the fan intercepts it.

As you think how to successfully remove the blankie from the fan, you see how dirty the fan is.

You pull out the extended duster.

Upon swiping the blankie off the fan, you've also managed to swipe a blanket of dust off of the fan and....onto the previously clean blankie.

When the blankie lands onto the floor, you'll realize it is dirty again.

You have to wash it again.

And chances are, when you take the blankie away to wash it, you'll realize yet again, how attached your son is to it and how stupid you were in ever giving him a blanket to get attached to in the first place.


LB said...

love this. So great.

Anonymous said...

HILLARIOUS ... when I saw blankie on the fan I just burst out laughing!!


Mary said...

Love this post, you have such great ideas. Those books are some of our faves here, too. And look at the bright least one fan blad got dusted! You're doing better than me!! ; )

Learning as we Live said...

this is great!!! love it!

Annie said...

I don't even have words for how much I love this and how deeply I relate. LOVE IT!