Tuesday, July 10, 2012



Who knew?

It's amazing what hot summer days will cause you to discover.

We discovered puppeteering.

And some of Mommy's crazy socks.

Good thing Mommy doesn't wear a lot of socks...even in the winter time. Or with her running shoes, unless she's running, then she'll wear them. But wait, I digress.

With the aide of Mommy, Hannah and I (and Kate...sort of) turned those crazy socks into puppets.

We then proceeded to put on a heck of a show. The audience was captivated (dismiss the fact our audience was also the photographer whose job is to stay captivated).

I told a few jokes.

Mom coached us on proper puppet position. I'm still working on keeping my head down low.

And Kate, well, she just managed to get the overall feel for having a sock on her arm. I don't think she's ready for puppeteering just yet. It's a process.

Trust the masters.


Grandmama said...

That is a wonderful idea and I bet they really did enjoy it. I would love a video of them playing with their puppets.