Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Homeschool Diaries: First Day 2012

Yesterday was our first day of school. So, in an attempt to document the day we took some photos. Surprised? Hannah is an aspiring mommy who is most excited about learning to read because she wants to read the Bible(however this did not jive well with her attitude when it actually came time to read, funny. And when reminding her why she said she wanted to read she replied, "I don't want to read the Bible." This is a typical homeschool day).

And what's a first day photo shoot without some pizazz, like those Senior pictures you take in high school, you know, the one you take after the all serious ones? Where you "let your hair down." I think my consisted of showing off my yellow fingernail polish. Oh the rebel I was. Hannah is well beyond her years.


Our first "real" math lesson was, well, easy. But easy is good. However, easy or hard, Hannah must have her tongue sticking out.

Hannah has come a long way in her handwriting over the past year.

A typical Hannah face. However, had I had the camera out a short bit later, the face would look dramatically different...picture Makayla Maroney. Hannah wasn't impressed.

And here's my Grant, eager to start school. He announced yesterday he would like to be a "cooker," and that he would "be in the Olympics" when he grows up. As for "playing on the slide," well he is thinking of the old church we used to meet at for Classical Conversations. It had an indoor playground. Awesome. We don't meet there anymore. Not awesome. Looks like he best be finding a new favorite thing to do at "school," like read or do math.

Typical of most boys, Grant loves math and joined in the lesson as best he could.

I know, I know, his pencil grip is all wrong. We're still working on it. But we've made some improvement. However, tracing numbers with a poor pencil grip results in this...

Thankfully we recovered quickly and his excitement returned with the promise of dry erase markers and reading pages.

As for Kate, well, like in everything else, she's too eager to grow up and do what Hannah and Grant do. As we left for Classical Conversations this morning she insisted on wearing "my backpack."

All in all, I'd say our first day of school and Classical Conversations today was a success. Tears were shed. Excitement was had. Expectations were real. And because of that, tomorrow we'll do it all again.


Mary said...

Love it!!! I love the expression on Kate's face, especially! : )

LB said...

what a cute idea with the questions...And I love that Grant's favorite part of school is the slide. Awesome!