Thursday, August 16, 2012

What I'm Good At

I'm a young buck.
I have little experience in which to provide any helpful insight on anything.

But there are two things I'm really good at.

1) Eating
2) Making Messes

The latter is my strongest attribute.

I prefer all sorts of food, but, if it's a combo of sweet and um, (and I do say "um" a lot when asked a question) grain, well, let's just say, I ain't skeerd to go after the sweet. Like this Nutella toast for example. Why worry about the wheat toast when you can just lick off the chocolately goodness?

And what does that produce? An Olympic sized mess.

Write me down for a gold medal. I'll even throw in an Olympic pose.

And yes, it looks like someone else is also posing for an Olympic medal in messing eating. Perhaps there will be some stiff competition in this event after all.
We look a lot alike.

As for other gold medal messes I've competed in, I'd say I'm sure to be the winner.
While eating yogurt, I managed to smear it all over my body in a matter of a few short minutes while Mommy went to go check her email. Mommy chose not to post those award winning photos because well, I was just in my diaper.

Modesty ladies, modesty.

And you just never know who's lurking around the internet.

We'll make sure my next mess is fully clothed.


Grandmama said...

She is going to love that picture when she grows up. Just love that little mess.

Mary said...

Kate & I feel the same way about Nutella. I could eat that stuff by the jar. I could. Not sayin' that I would, or have, or do...just that I could. hehe ;)