Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Kate's Prayer

Dear Lord,

Please help me be good today.

Help me to stay out of trouble.
You know what I mean, no making messes, no screaming, "No Mommy!" at Mommy. No hitting. No spreading toothpaste across the walls and carpet (that was a bad one wasn't it?). No throwing crayons. No pouring water/juice all over the floor. Or spitting it out of my mouth for that matter. And help me to have the self control to NOT color on the carpet. Oh, and one more thing, help me not to dig in my dirty diaper to give Mommy proof that I did, indeed, poo poo in my pants. Apparently she doesn't need evidence.

And while you're at it, please give Mommy an extra measure of patience.



The Noonan's said...

Oh Kate - you and Lydia would be such great friends!!!! I bet your Mama's prayers go something like mine ---- Lord give me strength!

Mary said...

Love this!!! : )