Sunday, February 24, 2013

We Make This Look Good

I know.
Don't worry.
It's a natural gift.
Not everyone can be a stylist.
Not everyone knows that a head band can be used as a sweat band.
Or that it's okay to accessorize with a bold pattern even if you are already sporting a pink princess patterned pajama set.
It's okay.
Like I said, it's a natural gift.

It just takes that special eye to pair a glittery sequenced vest (compliments of Mommy's eighth grade jazz recital) with yet another, yet totally different, sequenced red, mesh skirt (compliments, yet again, of Mommy's jazz recital).
And, please, don't be skeerd to put red and black over a pink dress. It's all good. It's about self expression.
Like I said, a good fashion eye runs in the family.

I mean, look who I have to get all my style cues from, my big sister. Nothing says confidence like a Fancy Nancy 50's dress combined with a cow head band (yet again, compliments of Mommy's totally awesome dance recital, specifically done to Michael Jackon's introspective hit, Black or White). And then, the winning piece to tie it altogether, the swishy skirt turned hairy headpiece.
I aspire to create such an outfit one day.
Folks, you just can't pull something like this together unless you, in fact, are gifted at birth with this talent.

And based on Hannah's awesome moves, it looks like a keen fashion eye wasn't all we were blessed with. Watch out world. We're gonna be dropping some mad style and some rad moves on you soon.
Homeschooling isn't all about the books.


Mary said...

That must have been one. awesome, dance. recital. :) Cute post!

ruzzel01 said...

She look graceful.

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