Monday, March 18, 2013

What I'm Good For

I like to think I'm good for a lot of things.

I'm good for providing a laugh.

I'm good for keeping dental hygiene skills sharp and on point for all the Harman kids. Hey, I would live at the bathroom sink if I could.

I'm good for letting Molly out. REALLY good (though I'm not good at retrieving her).

I'm good for drinking anybody's leftover drink on the table even if they were saving it for later.

I'm also good for cleaning up any leftover goodies that are in reach.

But what I'm most good for, well, I don't want to brag, but, okay, I will, is keeping Mommy's "mommy skills," sharp and in so doing, keeping her humble.

You see, she's slacking off a bit. I'm a third born and well, let's face it, Mommy's "mommy sense" isn't what it used to be. We even had a man stop by the house one day to tell Mommy just that, that, well, she wasn't doing a good job. And, that was my fault. It seems I was, for a brief moment, distracted while walking across the cul de sac (per Mom's permission), with Hannah to see our friends next door. He caught me in the middle of the side street, on my way to my desired destination, have you. And immediately asked where we lived. Mommy heard an earful to which she just nodded, hoping this fine gentleman would see his way back to his car. Yep, that's me sharpening Mommy. Yes, this would not have happened with Hannah. So, I like to think I'm helping Mommy resharpen those skills. You know, keep her on her toes.

And I do. I'm really good for keeping Mommy on her toes. Like any good coach, you remind your athlete there's no time to relax, take a breather, let your guard down. That's poor form. So, I'm Mommy's coach. Just when she's ready to sweep me downstairs after my nap for a few cuddles, she finds me, pants down, dirty diaper in hand and these wise words, "Mommy, I went poo poo" and this time I was happy to be a servant and add, "but I didn't get it on my hands." And I didn't (I learned not to go that far again). I'm just keeping her skills sharp. I know perfect Hannah dared not pull a stunt like this. And Grant, well, he's pulled other stunts but none in this category. And, I want Mommy to be the best Mommy she can be, so, BAM, on the job training third child style. It's what I'm good for.

And, I'm pretty good for melting Mommy's heart when I flash my big blue eyes and my, well, I'll just say it, killer smile.

It's also what I'm good for.


LB said...

Such a little stinker! Love her!!

LB said...

Such a little stinker! Love her!!