Friday, May 17, 2013

Mommy's Moment: Growing Pains


Goodbye owl.

Goodbye tree.

Goodbye mural that's entertained all three.

Goodbye blue paint

and holes in the wall

from rocking that rocker while giving it their all.

Goodbye tiny mice that watched diapers be changed.

Goodbye shelf with babies' oddities arranged.

Goodbye long nights of rocking and feeding.

Goodbye to the basket of books perfect for nighttime reading.

And goodbye to that crib where each baby layed

And where they often quietly played

Until my drowsy self stumbled on in

only to experience that Christmas morning feeling again

Just to see those three faces filled me with great joy

two sweet little girls and one wonderful little boy

Oh what memories in that nursery were made

memories that surely will never fade

even as the crib has been taken down

and the mural now is covered with a light shade of brown.

It's time to move on, there's more growing to do.

But those first seven years, we won't forget you.


Grandmama said...

Jess, how wonderful being able to write like you do. I know one day these stories will be such a blessing to your children. I can't wait to see Grant's new room.

Jane said...

Wow Jessica! I had no idea that you could write like you do! You need to write a book to include all your poetry and stories. Such a legacy for your children. I love it! Jane