Thursday, May 23, 2013

5 Years


5 years ago you entered the world
we didn't know if you were a boy or a girl
But that was not the only surprise you had in store
Nope, we realized you weighed a whole lot more
try adding two pounds to the expected seven
and you wonder why I thought that day I'd see heaven
You sure were a tough one to get to come out
it took many a pushes and many a shouts.
Let's be real, your entry was a bit of a nightmare
But as soon as I saw you I was rid of the fear.

That first year, it too was a bit wild.
You proved very soon your temper was not mild.
I won't forget Walmart where you screamed and screamed
One woman even stopped me and she was very mean
as she questioned my motherhood and muttered  under her breath
I likely envisioned punching her face to death.
But with your fierce temper came a tender heart
You loved to snuggle and didn't want to be apart
A passionate fellow I was beginning to see
It manifested itself in different ways to me.
Whether throwing a fit that lasted over an hour
or bringing me a bouquet of our lovely weed flowers.
That next year, well, my mind is a bit blurry
It seems that time moved in quite a hurry.
With a one year old boy and a two year old girl
my life often felt like quite a big whirl
between changing diapers and potty training
I often felt my energy waning.
I'm thankful for cameras that took pictures of wobbly walking
and a video recorder that captured your voice when you started talking
It's also the time when there became a bond
with your sister, of whom you were quite fond.

A two year old boy, oh my, there you are.
Your baby days moving a far.
Your passion, still there, and discipline abounded.
Those screams of defiance, I did not like the way it sounded.
But where there was defiance the tenderness followed
holding my hand at the dinner table each time you swallowed.
A big year this was for little old you
a trip to the beach and a role that was new
A big brother you'd be
and you quickly grew up
the day I came home with our newest little pup.
But you handled it well
no jealousy from you
one sister you had, now you had two.
Three years old and handsome as can be
You've captured my heart with all your intricacies.
You make me laugh with all the funny things you say
You want to hold my hand and I like it that way.
You play outside with your neighborhood friends
hoping that the sunlight won't come to an end.
Your quite the fan of your Thomas the Train big wheel
and it's about this time when swallowing chicken becomes quite the ordeal.

Four years old and it's here where we see your passions arise
but these passions come as a bit of a surprise.
Mario and Luigi have become your new friends and if I didn't monitor you, the gaming would never end.
Four years old and you also started your first year of CC.
You jumped right in and participated completely.
Puzzles you also love to put together
and jump in puddles after rainy weather.
Four years old and you are starting to shine through
and reveal to all of us just how the Lord made you

So five year old, here you are, a new year lies ahead
full of new opportunities (and also your new bed).
Reading, soccer, maybe glasses too
are all new things that await you.
Five year old, get excited, at what the Lord has planned
while He uses another year to chisel you into  a fine man.


Grandmama said...

this made me cry

Mary said...

So sweet!!! This is cute, funny and tender...what a beautiful poem! Do you add to it every year? Or did you write it all this year?