Sunday, May 26, 2013

I'm an Olympian!

Last Saturday marked a first for me.
My first time competing in an Olympics.
It was awesome.
I guess when you're five, big things happen.
And, five I am.

I was pumped to have my special candle displayed on the Olympic Torch cupcake cone.
(don't worry, no one else knew what it was either, but, Mommy did her best and that's all that matters).

 Here I am posing before the games begin.
Some Olympics there are people representing countries but I chose to represent the great state of Alabama.
Roll Tide, right Grandma?

We began the games like any Olympics begin, with the running of the Olympic torch. Being the birthday boy, I had the honor to run around the house to commence the games (I was a little nervous about this duty and so days prior to the actual Olympics I practiced circling the house with the torch). I'm happy to say the torch did not burn out and I arrived safely back to the starting line with the crowds cheering.
Man it felt good.

The first event was the discus throw. However, Mommy, the official, was unable to capture our mad frisbee throwing skills. We used a frisbee because our arms are yet developed to hoist a heavy metal disc across the yard.
Second up, soccer. Grandma and Papa got me a soccer goal for my birthday. What better way to break in a soccer goal than at the Olympics?
Nolan is saying "I'm not worthy" behind me because he knew he was not worthy to play soccer with such a skilled boy. He was overcome with praise. Did I tell you my aunts are soccer stars?
Just kidding. About Nolan.
That's the real deal about my aunts.
Thirdly, we traveled to the shot put area. A.K.A water balloon toss.
Like any good shot putter, the most important aspect of the throw is the face and the grunt. I at least mastered the face.
Malachi wasn't impressed.

 Next up, the long jump, minus the sand, minus the three hops, minus the run...well
we'll call it the standing jump, which, I think may just be a bit harder. Do you know how much power it takes to explode from a standing position?
This much power:

And from that jump, we moved to the hula hoop jump, which proved to need just as much power and facial strain.

Finally, Mommy's favorite, the relay race. I think it may have been Will's favorite too.

I have some definite training to do here.

In retrospect, perhaps we should have called this, Track and Field Birthday plus Soccer. Mommy is a little biased. We did have a rousing game of ping pong planned but it proved to be unsuitable for the windy weather outside.
No worries, that meant we could get to the cake faster. You know, those torch cones.
The wind also proved a bit difficult in the lighting of the next important torch, my candle. Therefore, I was unable to blow out my special candle.
I rolled with it.

And those crazy torch cupcakes were devoured. No one cared that they were strange.

Add a few presents in there and our gold medals and that folks is my Olympic (A.K.A Track and Field Plus Soccer) Birthday Party.
It was awesome.
See you next year.