Wednesday, January 22, 2014

You May Need Cesar Milan If:

You May Need Cesar Milan If:
Your dog still poops in the house.
Your dog regularly dines on top of your table when no one is looking.
You need a bark collar, a Scat Mat, and an electric fence to contain your dog.
You find yourself quite familiar with your neighbors' backyards and landscaping techniques due to the numerous times you play cat and mouse with the dog.
You, in utter frustration, charge full force (possibly beating your p.r in your track glory days) toward your dog in hopes to intimidate her enough to stop running away from you.
You've reached a pinnacle in your anger while charging full force at your dog.
Your kids have an anxiety complex when they try to open the front or back door.
You've reverted to growling at the dog in attempts to coerce her back to the house.
Your neighbors know your dog.
Your dog chews up your favorite necklace, Bible, the kids' underwear, your earrings, sunglasses, pencils, slippers, movie, any toy you can think of, and the list could go on.
Your hand's circulation is cut off while trying to "walk" the dog while also keeping up with three kids riding bikes and scooters.
Your kids are dragged across the yard while trying to hook the dog up to her leash.
The toilet is the drinking trough of choice.
Who needs Cesar Milan?
We need Cesar Milan.