Monday, May 07, 2007

Playing with Allie

So here I am with Allie. She was so nice to let me play with some of her new toys she got for her birthday (keep reading to find out more about her big day). She got Mater from the movie Cars and she was so nice to share him with me. She also gave me a big hug as you can see from one of the pictures (oh and mommy told me to tell you to ignore her crazy face in the background...she didn't know she was in that shot!). Oh and did I tell you Aunt Melissa is pregnant with her second? She will have him or her in September...just like me! Wow! I can't wait to meet him or her (they didn't find out what they are having...I like that because I got to surprise mommy and daddy when I came's fun for us little guys to do that and see the surprise on our parents' faces!) Allie, I sure had a blast playing with you and I can't wait to come to your next party. I should be more mobile then!