Friday, May 11, 2007

Prunes...You Gotta Love Um!

Looking at my face you would never know most of the prunes went down my tummy since it looks like they all landed on my face. I am proud of my artwork though...I do believe I covered the whole canvas of my face and I couldn't even really see what I was doing! Some of you may think of prunes as old people food....but babies eat them too...and for the same reason most older people eat get your insides a movin'. And...let me tell you...they did. THANK GOODNESS! So I have to give props to the old prunes. They really helped me out in my time of dire need. And mommy was so thankful too! So let's join hands and say together...Prunes,

You Gotta Love Um!


tanya said...

Loves it! Too cute! :)