Monday, May 07, 2007

Happy Birthday Allie!

Saturday, May 5th was Allie's second birthday. Mommy said last time we celebrated Allie's birthday I was growing in her tummy. Did you know you get a cake for your birthday? It looks SO good. This is Allie's cake. She loves the movie Cars so she got a Cars birthday cake. I didn't get a taste of the cake but daddy gave me a little lick of the chocolate icecream they served with it and boy was that something else! I would love to have some more! Mommy and Daddy also gave me a little lick of the watermelon they had for lunch. That was quite tasty too! What a time I had at the party! As you can see from the picture...Allie really enjoyed her cake too! Happy Birthday Allie and thanks for letting me come to your party!