Friday, May 11, 2007

Side Story

Well, I have no clever story to go with this shot. It's just yet another closeup mommy took of my face. It is changing; however, don't you think? Anyways, I thought it to be a good time to let you all know I had my first pool experience this past week. Unfortunately we do not have any photos at this time to document it. BUT I will tell you briefly about the experience. I went with my good buddy Ellie (and with our mommies of course). And...well...I can tie this into the picture because my face in this picture captures the expression on my face when mommy dipped my legs into the rather frigid water. I was shocked...and so was Ellie. However, after some more exposure to my legs, the water became more tolerable and I compromised with mommie and I sat on her lap and let my feet dangle into this unusually cool water. I mean all I am used to is the warm bath water. I think I'll go back to the pool...but I'll give it some time I do believe. Mommy says the water isn't usually so cold. But thankfully I wore my little swim coverup compliments of Great Grandmamma Harman. It kept me warm as we ventured back home. I'll keep you updated on the pool as the summer progresses.