Monday, February 25, 2008

Growing Up

Mommy says this new outfit and bow makes me look so grown up. Last summer Grandma bought me some new clothes for the spring. Since today is so warm outside we decided to wear my gouchos and green top. Yes, don't be fooled. The pants I am sporting are in fact gouchos. For those of you unaware of how these pants fit, let me explain. They should fall just below your knees. Well, I'm a shorty so they actually look like a nice wide leg pair of pants. Surprisingly they did fit around my waist. Mommy did have to do a few yanks to keep them from falling all the way off. And this is my first time ever to wear a big girl bow. I actually like it because it really keeps all of my luxurious locks out of my face. Mommy said it looks like I'm ready to go to school. I guess this is what school kids wear. Being the picture taker she is, Mommy insisted we get some shots of me in this new get up. Well, I got so tickled during the photo shoot that Mommy ended up taking A LOT! Most of them are blurry because I kept moving while I was laughing. But we feel these shots capture the silly Hannah I am most of the time. So sorry about the blur. When we hit it big one day, we'll get a camera that can handle all of my crazy movement!! Enjoy! Oh and the serious one with me looking off in the distance will be put aside for anyone interested in using it for a clothing ad. I'll be expecting calls shortly.