Monday, February 11, 2008

The Overseer

My job was to oversee the paint job. Overall, they appeared to be doing a jam-up job. I had to make my presence more known, however, when I saw some spots not fully being covered. So I climbed, by myself, to the top of my little ladder so they would take me more seriously. But you know, I don't even take myself seriously so it was hard for them to do so as well. You can tell Papa wasn't. How do you like my vibrant green? I'm not supposed to know this, but Mommy and Grandma aren't the best at hiding a secret, but Grandma and Papa got me some big girl bedding that Mommy picked out. It's supposed to be my birthday present for my next big day but I get the feeling it's going to come out before then. I've already seen the pillow shams. It's pink and green. I can't wait to see my room once it's all finished! This is fun!