Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A Pregnancy Update

Here's Mommy at 26 weeks pregnant. She's not too proud of this shot as it was done at the end of a long day. But there have been requests to see her belly. An update is also needed so I am here to report it. I went with Mommy to her doctor's appointment on Monday. Mommy was still concerned that her due date was too early. She expressed her concerns with the doctor who, after looking over her charts, agreed that her due date was in fact May 24th, not the 6th. You see, they moved it several weeks ago after the ultrasound. But they weren't accurate...what Mommy thought. So now my brosis should arrive around May 24th. That gives us a couple of more weeks to get things together! All in all, the pregnancy is going well. Mommy is getting tired chasing me and the two boys around. But she's hanging in there. She is thankful that so far, her pregnancies are fairly easy...just the usual aches and pains commonly associated with pregnancy. We'll try to get a more appealing picture of her later. Until then, this will have to do!!


Groovers said...

you are so cute! sorry for harassing you to post pictures, but I'm not that sorry, heehee :) Love ALL the new pics you posted. Hannah is SO big, wow! Walking and talking so much! And you are quite the decorator, her new room is gorgeous! Love ya, Courtney :)