Thursday, March 06, 2008

Mommy's Little Helper

Guess what I got to do the other day? You're right! I got to help Mommy sweep the floor. You may think the broom was a little big for a runt like me, but I held my own when it came to manuevering the broom around. But I was best at bringing Mommy the dust pan when she needed it. I like helping out around the house. I can even take things and put them in the trash can now when Mommy or Daddy ask me to. But sometimes I put things in there that aren't supposed to go in my toy cell phone or my balls from one of my toys. Those went missing for quite some time until Daddy found them in his trash can in the office. I was hoping they would find them. They weren't getting the hints I was dropping to them about where I hid them.