Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Did We Tell You It Snowed?

Okay, so that's no new news for you. But, we have to post pictures from our biggest snow yet! We were so excited we got to share our snow with Grandma (when know she was too!) We made a snowman. It could have been bigger. Way bigger. But the snow the next morning was too soft and really, we just weren't willing to work too hard to make another. What's worth noting the most here? Our clothes. You can tell if you're from the south if your little brother is wearing his sister's boots. Our mittens: scored at the dollar section in Target. Grant's hat: borrowed from our friend, Nolan. My hat? The hood of my jacket. Mommy's gloves? (though she's not pictured, she has none nor does she have a hat or boots). We are misfits, clad in a hodge podge of clothes we gathered around the house to make this snow an experience to remember! Stay tuned for more snow fun as these misfits really take to the snow!