Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Valentine A'Makin

Yeah, yeah, we know Valetine's Day was OVER a month ago. But this post is fitting because I'm still asking Mommy if we can make Valentines for (you fill in the blank). Most recently I have asked to make a Valentine for Papa, Maggie, Strider (the dog behind us), and Daddy. Unfortunately, because Mommy has been under the weather, we haven't gotten the chance to do so. But I'll remeniece through these pictures. My favorite part was using the big girl glue. Grant's too. We know, we know, Grant is too young to use it but how can you tell a fella no when everyone else is using it? He just didn't realize the cap wasn't opened. Works like a charm. Oh yes, and there's the duck costume that makes any Valentine creation that much more fun. Put on a duck costume and you can't help but enjoy life just a little bit more. If you didn't receive a Valentine from us, but would like to next year, just leave a message. It will give me a great excuse to get started early, you know, just in case I get a lot of orders!


Groovers said...

yes indeed, the duck costume is most definitely the coolest part of this picture, amazingly awesome! :)