Saturday, March 06, 2010

Tunnel (and tent) Fun

It's been cold lately. A little too cold for our liking. We're a bit stir crazy. But, thanks to Grandmama and Grandaddy, we can have a little bit of outdoor fun, indoors. Yep. Enter, the tunnels. And the tent. Who doesn't love to crawl through tunnels into the secret tent hideout? You're no friend of mine if you don't. I'm quite the tunnel fan. In fact, I get visibly upset when it's time to put them away. Will I see them again? Is this the end to my tunnel fun? Thankfully, they do get pulled out again....and again....and again. Mommy had the idea of rolling down our back hill in them once it gets warmer. Ahhh, now you're talkin'. When it comes to tunnels, you're guaranteed some good ole fun!


Mary said...

I love the tunnels, too Grant...but I get stuck in them and Abbie & Irene laugh at me!!