Saturday, May 01, 2010

Our Easter Get-Up

Yes, we are aware Easter was over a month ago. However, Mommy couldn't resist putting a picture of my Easter dress on here. And then there's Grant, looking ever so dashing in his handsome yellow shirt. He has been nicknamed "Peep" by Mrs. Katie at church because of his peepish look...yellow shirt, light blue crocks(the only shoes he will wear, by the way). Too bad he doesn't taste like a peep. This is my bubble dress, perhaps because it bubbles at the bottom. Sort of. Who knows. But I love it. Don't worry, these are our last Easter pictures. Mommy hasn't taken as many pictures as usual lately and so we hopefully can catch up here quickly. But there are new posts on the horizon including Grant's and my new room, my new haircut, Grant's new haircut, and just the usual silliness of our everyday lives. We know you're on the edge of seat!


Groovers said...

Hannah looks like a little doll, literally! so cute...and her hair is so long & pretty, as I'm sure her new do is as well :)