Friday, November 19, 2010

Mommy's Moment: Christmas on a Budget

Who isn't on a tight budget these days? With Christmas coming along I'm always trying to find extra ways to save. Thankfully, as usual, Swagbucks has pulled through. I noted several months ago that I got Hannah's three gifts for almost free thanks to the Amazon gift cards I received through Swagbucks. I've been working on Grant's gifts. A couple of months ago I grabbed the Tag Jr. for free for Grant using the Amazon gift cards I used via Swagbucks. Today, I crossed his second gift off of my list, the Fisher Price Stand n' Play Rampway. I paid $5.60 out of pocket for a $40 toy. I am so thankful for Swagbucks. If you haven't joined, it's simple. You can join through my link below. All you have to do to earn bucks is use their search engine. There are other ways through shopping, taking surveys, watching videos. But my primary source for Swagbucks is the search engine. I win every few searches. I am not lying when I say I've earned at least $400 through Swagbucks. Also, once you join, get friends to sign up under you. You win every time they win up to 1000 bucks. So of course, I'd be thrilled if you clicked on my link below and signed up under me! :) Honestly, this is how I fund a lot of our Christmas gifts and birthday gifts.
Another way to save BIG on Christmas gifts for future Christmases and birthday gifts is to buy during this season. Obviously we already are. But, I came into this Christmas with most of my shopping already done. SO, I am taking advantage of all the GREAT deals out there during this season to stock up on some extremely cheap gifts for future birthdays and Christmases (this works best when shopping for small children who yet to have an opinion regarding what they want for birthdays/Christmas). Also, after Christmas keep your eyes open for Target's major twice a year sale. THIS SALE IS AMAZING. They mark down a lot of toys to 75% off! It isn't advertised so you just have to watch. But I use this sale to mark off gifts from our birthday/Christmas list. Many items are less than $5!
To avoid overspending I keep a Word document with all the people I know I will need gifts for. Once I find a gift for them, I put it by their name. So, when a sale comes around, I use that list to see who I do and don't have a gift for. Sales are great but if you buy when you don't need a gift then that's money down the drain no matter how cheap it was. I have to remind myself this often so I make sure I'm making wise decisions. It's fun to get something cheap but not worth it if there is no specific idea of who/what it will be going toward.
So, those are my thoughts on saving money for Christmas and other special occassions. My husband works hard to provide for our family so I want to be wise with the money he makes. This is just a small way I can help financially.
Again, click on the link below if you have yet to sign up for Swagbucks. You won't be disappointed!

Search & Win


Gormangirl said...

Great Job Jessica! Davis loved his tag junior reader and books (he is outgrowing them a little bit now- but I"m hoping Noah will get good use of them too)! If you ever see the Christmas manger tag junior book go on sale- it is really sweet and has tons of carols in it! I put it up all year until after thanksgiving- and then it's like a new toy all over again! I think I got it for next to nothing during the off season 2 years ago! Happy shopping and planning girl!

LB said...

I am having the hardest time making a decision about Ada's Christmas. You got Hannah the leapster, right? I am definitely going to do a leapfrog item,I am just not sure which one is age appropriate for Ada. I will probably just call you and ask you about it:) I agree--I LOVE swagbucks.

Oh, and I have never done the Target toy sale. Please call me if you notice that they are having it!!

LB said...

AND, I love the idea of keeping a list of people you need to buy gifts for. I need to do that this coming year. I have all kinds of new years resolutions stacking up in my head:)

I had one resolution last year--to be on time to things--I failed miserably!!!