Sunday, February 06, 2011

Homeschool Diaries: D is for Dinosaur

A couple of weeks ago we learned about the letter D.

The good: Hannah continues to improve in writing her name. Our next step is to actually utilize the lines and make the letters touch top to bottom. We marched around the room to "We are the Dinosaurs," now coined as "Grant's favorite song." We had fun pasting pasta (because we have a plethora thanks to the food co-op we're in) dinosaur bones. We did lots of counting. I think this is Hannah's favorite activity. We actually finished this letter in a week. A first for us I think.

The bad: thanfully this week I can't remember any bads (it was two weeks ago and my lack of memory conveniently helps in this area). Woo Hoo.

The funny: Yes, Hannah is wearing a swimsuit. Yes, it is winter. Yes, it is during school time. Worth arguing over, not in this house.


Grandmama said...

I just love all your hard work, you are so smart, Kiss your brain.