Monday, February 28, 2011

Homeschool Diaries: E is for Elephant

The good: Hannah read her first word this week...bed. I was so excited to see her do this! I love watching kids learn how to read and it's so exciting when it's your own child! Also, she has come leaps and bounds in her coloring. We did a color by number page. Her fine motor skills are sharpening. It's fun to watch her growth in this area as well!
The bad: We didn't get through all of the activities. Life got a little crazy after this week and since then we haven't gotten back on the school wagon. I'm hoping to get my act together this week so we can structured "school time" next week as we move into the letter f.
The funny: Yes, we are endorsing Minute Maid in these pictures. Buy some. Okay, not really. For letter D week it was learning in swimsuits...well, for Hanna that is. For E week, it's learning in our pjs...for all of us! Grant is sporting his passion for professional football. You know us, die hard professional football fans!