Saturday, February 26, 2011


We need your opinion on something. Yeah, Hannah and I. It seems Mommy and Daddy are pretty hard on us at suppertime. It's seems they think we are being unreasonable. Is it unreasonable to chew a piece of meat (or even a small green bean) for oh, thirty minutes (and this is no exaggeration here)? We're just trying to break it down. We need it to safely arrive in our stomachs. And when they tell us we need to eat another bite, our kind pointing gesture to our mouth as a reminder of the current piece of food still being broken down does not sit well with them. They become more stern and tell us to swallow it. We reply, "but I can't!" at different times of course. Often this statement is followed by a waterfall of tear, usually by us. Is it unreasonable to chew our food for this long? Is it unreasonable that we have a difficult time swallowing? Okay, sure, we don't have this problem when a hot dog, hamburger, chicken nugget, pb and j, mac and cheese, fruit snacks, or a variety of other foods are involved, but have some compassion here. So you tell us, are we being unreasonable?