Saturday, November 26, 2011

Christmas Challenge

I added one more item to my Christmas stash for the kids. Kate was short an item. I know she will never have a clue, but I will. So, thanks to I received a $10 credit that I used for this...

A must have, right, for every one year old?

Originally this is $19.99. With the  discount and the $10 credit, it became $3.99 and then the lovely $4.95 shipping bumped it up to $8.94. Still, though, more than half off.

But wait, there's more! You too can receive the $10 credit if shop at! It's good through Monday. And, if your 1 year old is in the market for an engaging pull along toy, well you too can get it for $8.94. And it's guaranteed to get here before Christmas. Awesome huh? And if you click on any one of my links  I'll get credit. Isn't it lovely how that works?

So, here's my Christmas challenge total:

Oh and I'm still planning on getting Kate a pillow pet too, but banking on my $25 Amazon gift card that's in the mail to get here in time to order it.

The smaller items will be going in their stockings.

Total Spent: $53.72
Toys bought: 2 pillow pets,4 hairbows, a dollhouse with accessories, Citiblocs, a rainmaker, GeoBaby, Iron Man shooter (a gift I got a year ago), Lego Walkie Talkies, Mario coin bank, a vintage barbie (I got a year ago), a gear toy (I got a year ago), and a pull along toy, 2 chapsticks from Target's dollar section, the coloring tablecloth

The vintage Barbie I got at Target's winter sale last year. I spent $11.23. The gear toy I got during last year's black Friday for probably about $9. And the Iron Man mask and shooter I got at last year's black Friday for about $6. So, if I factor those prices in my total spent is:

$79.95 which will be my grand total, as long as that Amazon card gets here soon!

For's what I would have paid if I paid full price for all of this:

$370.54 (based on Amazon prices)

A savings of almost $300!

Not bad!