Friday, November 11, 2011

Five Minute Friday: Unexpected


when that pregnancy test almost six years ago showed two lines

and when just a short year and a half later, another one did


when the sonographer tells you that the third little baby no longer is viable

Or when you find that check laying on the floor that will pull you through a tough financial time


when your husband comes home early from work to tell you he lost his job...for being honest


a sweet surprise of a fourth life growing inside of you

But the most glorious unexpected happens in the midst of a world that thrives on self accomplishment. The better you perform, the better accolades, applause, rewards. What you do directly affects what you receive.

Unexpected is "while we were still sinners Christ DIED for us..."

Unexpected is unmerited, scandelous grace that says...your reward is not dependent on your actions. In fact, you have NOTHING that can present you acceptable in my eyes. SO, I will give you Christ who makes you acceptable. Not because you are good. Not because you work hard. Not because you are moral. But because it pleases Him.

And so, for those of us who have Christ dwelling in us...we experienced and are experiencing the most unexpected. . .the eternal goodness of the Lord through His Son, Jesus. A reward that deserves perfection on our part but is impossible to attain. So, Christ did the unexpected, He attained it for us.

Praise be to Him for the Unexpected.


Katrina Jackson said...

It's such a blessing to know that Christ died for us to cover our imperfections, to heal our wounds, to make us whole. That kind of love is certainly unexpected in this world. I am grateful daily for it. I'm sorry to hear of your trials, but grateful to know you have Him standing with you. Beautiful post.

Misty said...

This was lovely. simply poignantly lovely. i am thinking a lot lately about the moments but you nutshell it here and how truly huge it can seem- But God and his sacrifice is so much bigger. LOVED this post!