Sunday, November 27, 2011

Lessons Learned

When's Mommy gonna learn?

You see, she gets busy.

I get fussy.

It seems her go-to fix for these problems

I like food.

Okay you Biggest Loser fans, it seems like I'm headed down a dangerous path, right?

Fear not, I'm well aware food does not bring peace to my heart.

And, I do have carrots on my tray.

But, you see, that's not my point.

When Mommy puts my siblings in charge of me while she's busy, well, it never turns out too neatly.

When Mommy said, "give Kate a few more goldfish..." well, Grant dumped the bag on the tray.

And, without consulting Mommy, they thought it'd be swell to put whole baby carrots on my tray. Maybe it was the adjective "baby" that confused them.

Does it look like I have rabbit teeth to gnaw through that? As you can tell, I wasn't successful.

Fortunately she finally came to my rescue...

just in time to snap this totally awesome picture of what appears to be a golfish hanging from my nose.

No, I'm not that talented.

Just lucky.